American Pride: An Interview with Scott Schweitzer

Scott Schweitzer has known since he was a child that he wanted to influence the way politics works in our country. At 8 years old he was listening to political talk radio and absorbing the ideas of how politics influences our country. Fast-forward to today, Scott is Chief Operating Officer* at the most successful political advertising agency in the United States.

Scott’s civic engagement doesn’t stop at politics. He has served on the Board of Directors at two prominent Columbus organizations and is one of the founders of a local brewery. Scott has a great deal of wisdom to share about his own journey in bettering himself, finding happiness in his life, and reaching the goals he makes for himself.

*In the podcast I mistakenly said that Scott was Chief Organizational Officer. Chief Operating Officer is his actual title.


The Strategy Group Company:

PaineWebber Co. (Now known as UBS):

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Cincinnati Microwave (CNMWQ)


Olentangy River Brewing Company

Fashion Week Columbus


Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD)

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