Conscientious Coffee: An Interview with Kenny Sipes

Kenny Sipes is not your average coffee shop owner. Only in business for about 5 years, Kenny has grown The Roosevelt Coffeehouse into a well-known and loved destination for many in Columbus. Like its owner, Roosevelt is dedicated to fighting injustice throughout the world.

Kenny was gracious enough to sit down for a very real talk about what it took for him to get where he is now, and how he has learned some of the hardest lessons in his life. I hope you are able to glean from this as much as I have.


The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

2 PM

Ice Cube’s Barbershop

Buster Douglas


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Tommy Burns – Message about his daughter being murdered and being a recovering alcoholic:

Roosevelt 5-Year Anniversary Video

The Gravity Project

Donald Miller – StoryBrand

La Marzocco

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