About The Podcast

Potential City is primarily comprised of one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and visionaries in Columbus, Ohio. The interviewees are people who, through intent or through happenstance, have found a way to develop their potential into real world value for themselves and the community around them. They are a big part of the reason the city of Columbus exists and thrives. They represent the idea of transition from a city with potential to a city of substance, value, and vigor.

The title Potential City has many ideas behind it. For one, if you are one of the millions of people in the world with ideas, goals, and visions that have never seen the light of day, then you are part of this “Potential City.” You represent a population of people who could change the world if they actually did something about their ideas. But maybe you don’t think your ideas are big enough to change the world. That is the second reason for the show title: your ideas don’t have to be big enough to change the world. Changing the community or city around you is perhaps more important than trying to change the world as a whole, as your community is where you can impact people on a personal level, not just on a superficial level.

The Potential City podcast is a place where you get to learn how to do the things you want from the people who are already doing the things that they want. This podcast will continue to be a moving target, just as every endeavor tends to be. The overarching goal is to connect you with what you need to hear, and hopefully you will reach a point where you stop needing to hear what this podcast has to say and start putting your potential to good use.